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      Here are some of the features that I have designed into the build.
      1. 1500 mm x 1500 mm C Beam gantry.
      2. It uses a double belt system that I developed
      3. 6.5 inch Z axis
      4. ball screws on Z with 16 mm linear slides.
      5. I am using 2 400 oz./in motors on X
      6. I am using 1 400 oz./in motors on Z
      7. I am using 1 800 oz./in motors on Y
      8. Using Mach 3
      9. Fusion 360 for design
      10. 6 Axis NVEM CNC 200KHz Ethernet MACH3 Card Breakout Interface Motor Motion Board
      11. using DM860 A stepper drives for two nema 34 motors ( X axis ) and one DM860 A stepper drive for the Y.
      12. there will be many tools mounted to the gantry. laser etching, Plasma, Torch, and Router.
      13. 3 separate water tables for the plasma. this allows me to only fill one at a time Approx (15gal).
      14. there are two removable metal framed wooden table halves sitting over the water bed for work bench and routing.
      15. 4 axis wireless pendant.
      16. All of this is setting on a 2 x 2 x 3/16 tube steel frame that allows for tool storage on the bottom.


      I machined these couplers So I could use two sheaves. When machining these you must make sure they stay concentric.

      Here are the two sheaves mounted on the coupler.

      Here I drilled two holes in the C-beam and used the mounting bolts to hold the belts in place.

      Here I used extra long bolt to mount the plate. The belt-tensioner slides on those two bolts. I slipped a piece of a black zip tie on top of the belt. I tightened the first one to tight and broke the belt.

      Now she is all painted and the wire track is mounted.

      X axis Mount.

      The bottom of this picture shows panagraph arm that will hold my laptop.

      Electrical will come soon!!!

      This is my my rough layout. I have (2) 60 volt 5.9 Amp power supplies one for the two 400 oz/in motors and 1 for the 800 oz/in motor the third power supply is a 12 volt 60 amp power supply for the Z axis. You guys and Gals might ask why I used that combination. Well, simply because that is what I had left over from my other builds. I typically like to use the highest voltage that the driver can handle. That is not the case this time. The third DM860 driver is for a 4th axis (Rotary). The Controller is a NVEM 6 axis Ethernet controller. The relays up top are for the router, emergency stop and then one more will be added for a torch solenoid.

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    Reason for this Build

    I am a tinkerer and this machine will help me get my TINKER ON!!

    Inspired by

    Not one build has inspired me. but I have to give open builds Props. I have been collecting parts for along time to build a cnc gantry style machine. However I fell in love with the open build belt drive system and this made me change my plans and I am now building a C beam.