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      I’m working on making a custom push cart for 2 cnc machines that I just recently inherited, my dad bought one ages ago and never learned how to use it and gave it to me and basically the same story with my brother. My garage is already pretty full of stuff and two extra machines though awesome were getting in my way. I decided to custom-build something to enclose both machines.

      The idea is for the top to be framed in extruded aluminum, the big hole in the center will be framed with extruded aluminum and then I'll figure out how to make a door. The sides will also get framed with extruded aluminum and I'll also be adding shelves or drawers on the sides. There's quite a bit more work to do but it should turn nice in the end.

      It’s still a work in progress.

      I’ll add pictures now and add descriptions later.


      2BCD09DC-B7BE-4A49-817C-3633F55ADB70.jpeg E5308A73-B826-4BC5-8A72-A70B1D686522.jpeg B43CED7C-92A2-4431-88CA-798AFBEFA332.jpeg 18C4D0E7-E298-4FB9-BE56-D2B2510211A0.jpeg 6679E12A-1AC5-4A52-A0EA-AE5954AD67C0.jpeg 1A3A00C4-A4DA-4BB8-A816-ECA5528AAFF7.jpeg C8B4AD92-3876-4F35-9102-4D67EBE17DBB.jpeg A7213821-F029-440B-9304-EB14C3BED18E.jpeg 264DED8B-55A9-41D2-B215-7DD58CCDB583.jpeg EB5119CD-5E64-46AD-865E-E97688A7C7ED.jpeg

      Update 3/13/21




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