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      My latest build. Custom 750 x 1000mm OX for a client.


      Baltic Birch plywood bed, all black v-slot, red anodized plates from Chris @ Blue Ox.


      My own custom touches including 4 20x40 rails under the bed, bolted to the bed every 200mm. Central bolts are recessed into the bed to avoid damage. Added side cast corners bolted through the bed into the side 20x40's to stiffen the Y rails.

      Custom Electronics plate with power supply, stepper drivers, and Arduino in enclosure. Smoke Acrylic dust cover.


      Interesting test, I used 3M VHB tape to bond the two 20x60's together for the X axis. Seemed to work well, stiffened them up quite a bit. I usually bolt them together but this time I thought to try something different. Tape is about .015" thick, so I added another 0.3mm spacer between the wheels.


      Onward and Upward!

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    Custom build for a client
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