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      DSC00954.JPG DSC00950.JPG DSC00951.JPG DSC00953.JPG I found the OpenBuilds website about 6-8 months ago. I was fascinated and studied almost every build on the site. I already had a small kit CNC that I purchased from MyDIYCNC.com. It was enough to get me interested in CNC machines, but it was really a disappointment as far as a machine.

      I decided to design my machine with Mark Carew’s OX in mind. I purchased my ¼” aluminum gantry plates, router mount with dust shoe, and several other plates from Chris Laidlaw. He does exceptional work! I wanted to “upgrade” and strengthen the machine since I was going to have an overall footprint of approximately 36” x 36” resulting from X and Y rails of 750 mm. All rails will be black anodized aluminum with milled and polished aluminum plates and brackets.

      I designed my own 100mm x 100mm five hole x five hole triangular corner plates. These were manufactured by Chris Laidlaw as well. I decided to lengthen the Z axis rail to 300mm. I want to have enough flexibility to have several table and hold-down options.While the majority of the table will use T-track and standard hold-downs around the perimeter with inset threaded inserts throughout the table, I want one section of the table to be removable to reveal a recessed mounting option for larger (or thicker) stock. Who knows…. There might even be a vacuum table in the future.

      I purchased a CNC X-Pro controller board from Spark Concepts. I also purchased a Shuttle Xpress from Contour Designs. I saw this featured on the Cebu machine. A new Dewalt DWP 611 router will do the cuttting.

      I placed my order for the materials and waited anxiously for the shipment to arrive. When the order arrived, I couldn’t have been happier! Everything was expertly and professionally packed so there was no damage at all. Needless to say, the build began that afternoon.

      I just placed a supplemental order with OpenBuilds for the remainder of the materials for the build. In addition, cable carriers, DB9 cables and a cross-hatch laser were ordered to enhance the machine.

      Here are the initial build photos. Many more to come.
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    Inspired by

    Original OX, Cebu, many others