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      This is my dual extruder printer using v-slot for all linear motion and TR8x2 leadscrew steppers for Z stage.
      Will use a 320mm x 215mm pcb heated bed. For the initial build, the x carriage will have dual E3D V5 hotends but the x carriage is wide enough for a Kraken or even a RTX rotary tool.
      I've built every part in CAD starting with blank files so I would say its my own design but I won't deny that I got inspiration from my first build.....a Prusa i3.
      Once build is complete, I will be posting files at youmagine…probably here too.

      Just upoaded a couple pics....most printable parts are printed and I am in the process of building the first prototype. Going a little slow as I am using hand tools for all machining....will be glad when its finished and it can do the machining haha.
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    Wanted to try a v slot printer as I dont like the play(slop) in most linear bearings and wanted one I could do light machinig with also.

    Inspired by

    Prusa i3
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