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      This is my first attempt at a 3d printer and with not owning one already I am limited to off the shelf parts and whatever I can fab with a dremel/etc.

      Goal was to get a 400mm cubed build space. I think I will get close, but will be a bit short. I am using mostly 500mm pieces and have a couple of 600mm pieces that were cut down from longer stock.

      The whole build will eventually be enclosed in acrylic, possibly to create a heated build chamber, but more to keep little hands off hot things (very curious 15 month old).

      I am using an offset belt path to avoid the twisting crossover. Trying to maximize the build area by wrapping the belt around the lead screws.

      3D PRINTER 3-2.JPG

      3D PRINTER 3-1.JPG

      I am using 4 lead screws for the Z mechanism and using a single belt to power it. Lead screws will have 40 tooth pulleys and a 20 at the motor for a 2:1 ratio. Hopefully that will be enough to lift the gantry without issues.

      3D PRINTER 3-3.JPG
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