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      I wanted to try a different way of operating the Z Axis so I setup a tower using 40x40. In the end it worked excellently and can easily print 60mm/s with 150mm/s travels.

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        Next time I think i'll leave the gantry system to operate the Printhead, and just lift the Z. Moving the build plate around tends to get the motors hot and the machine shook the stand it was on cause its so heavy.
        I ended up having to really re-work the xAxis a few times because it tended to get out of alignment. In the end, jamming 2 40mil angle brackets in between the rails on either end locked them in place so I could tighten the underside... and solved that issue
        I also created a simple Z leveling system using a bolt and an angle bracket. This also had the added benefit of giving-way in case of a bed crash, and also allowed me to turn the entire Z into a zProbe. Woot!
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    Reason for this Build

    Trying out different printer layouts. Plus its awesome!

    Inspired by

    HBot, CoreXY
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