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      For the time being this can be considered a build log, changes during the build will surely happen as I finalize the project. I have received most parts and am soon ready to start mill the different parts for the printer, when I start milling more pictures will be added.

      Inspired by e3d's new Tool changing bot, I have been wanting to build a CoreXY for some time, and when I saw their design with tool changing I decided to build a similar looking printer that I can extend with multiple toolheads when e3d starts selling them separately later down the road.

      Main difference between my design and e3d is some of the belt configuration where I have eliminated 4 pulleys from the design and instead of using 20x40 extrusion and 20x60 exturusion (Z axis) my design uses all 20x60 extrusion.

      If you haven't seen e3d's prototype check it out here.

      Mechanical parts I will be using are:
      • 3x MGN9(H)
      • 1x HGR20(CA)
      • 5x 550mm 20x60 V-Slot
      • Machine cut Top Plate
      • Machine cut Bottom Plate
      • Machine cut X Plate

      Projected print volume 300x300x~450 that said there is room for a larger buildplate.

      I have not fully decided if I truly want to have Z motor inside the print chamber, I might rather put it below bottom plate thus I can rest assure that I do not cook any motors when working with HT materials. In similar fashion as e3d all electronics and XY motors are enclosed in separate cold chamber, and I might do the same for Z motor, which would allow additional one or two toolheads.

      The top plate with kinematic assembly:
      CoreXY Kinematic assembly.png

      While e3d use a carbon fiber X-plate I have decided for the time being I will stick to a machined aluminium X-gantry, there is not much weight reduction of having a solid carbon fiber X-gantry I will play around with some of the ideas e3d had for a lighter X-gantry, sandwich light material plates wrapped with carbon fiber, this however I consider a upgrade down the road.

      I love the idea of multiple toolheads but what really struck me is how this design has both cold and hot chamber while still all components of the printer is kept within its own footprint. Another feature I like about the design is using cast aluminium top and bottom plate and not having to deal with the bare minimum of at least 15 lengths of extrusion a cube with this design would require, and as a added bonus not having to tram any axes.I have decided to use HGR20 rails for my Z axis, I am not sure if HGR20 is beefy enough, but it's the widest rail that uses M5 bolts making it a easy installation, as e3d have pointed out using a single rail makes everything a lot easier not having to deal with any potential binding by having two rails very close to each-other.

      Unfortunately sourcing cast aluminium is not easy where I live so I am sticking with rolled aluminium plates 5xxx series aluminium (5052 to be specific) 5mm thick.

      For electronics I will am using Duet Wifi, simply because its already proved to work with toolchanging.
      1. Special Notes

        Changes to design will most surely happen during the build process.
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    Build License:
    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

    Reason for this Build

    Wanting CoreXY kinematics, multi material, high speed.

    Inspired by

    e3d's awesome prototype printer showcased on their blog and mrrf 2018
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    5 V-Slot 20x60x600 Link Height of print volume in combination with HGR20 and Z lead screw.
    2 Nema 17 42x48 Link X and Y motor
    1 Nema 17 42x42 lead screw 500mm Link Z motor
    3 MGN9H Link X and Y kinematics
    1 HGR20CA Link Z axis
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