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      This is a CoreXY based printer design. I started designing it in mid 2015, and I have been working on it all summer (2016). I previously built a Prusa Mendel I2, and wanted to build a much more robust and featureful printer. After looking around for designs, I settled on the corexy motion scheme. My design started out based heavily on the CoreCube printer, but has since evolved into a beast of its own.

      All of the design work and rendering was done in PTC Creo 3.0. The current revision of the files is up, but they're still constantly being tweaked, and so won't be current for very long. If anyone would like any of the parts in another format, I can export them to a couple of different things. I'm not going to post the STLs for the parts until the design is more final or someone asks for them first.

      It's current features are:
      • Frame
        • Built out of 2020 and open v-rail aluminum extrusion
        • All structural elements are metal
      • Extremely few machined/custom (non-printed) parts
        • 3 washers and 3 pulleys enlarged to fit 6mm leadscrew stepped ends
      • Motion
        • X & Y
          • motion using mini v-wheel carriages
          • mini carriage --> E3d chimera mount with integrated cable management and cooling fan
          • 290 x 290mm build area (actually smaller, and a bit smaller still for the area usable by both extruders)
        • Z
          • raised by 3 8mm lead screws
          • driven by one motor
          • constrained by 3 10mm precision linear shafts
          • >200mm build height (I'm not sure what the actual number is. I'll update this when I measure it)
      • Electronics
        • Azteeg X5
        • 20 amp 24v power supply
      • Extruder
        • 2 wades unhinged herringbone style extruders
      • Hotend
        • E3d chimera connected to two bowden tubes.
      • Bed
        • Silicone heater
        • Aluminum heat spreader
        • 1/4" borosilicate glass
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    Inspired by

    CoreCube and C-Bot
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