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      Had some 3D Parts built on Thingverse in ABS for the motor mounts and pillow blocks constructed of 8020 tubing 1/4" plate aluminum and Printed ABS parts have a 3 extruder mount built. Also looking forward to trying a hinged extruder mount in abs. Hope to begin building the actual assemblies’ week of the 15th

      The prototype corexy was built on ¼” plywood and the top plate will be ¼” aluminum plate the center portion of the top plate will become the table. Expect to test with a single extruder then dual extruder then a 3 in one extruder for the final having some issues with the ramps 1.4 and drivers as my 3 0.9 degrees 2 work ok and one is being difficult ordered 3 more motors and also 8825 drivers may also need to up my Power supply (one of these is the issue) have to resolve before mounting the Z-Axis motors

      Almost, have to cut out the bed from the top Plate (COREXY) platform have to take apart but wanted to make sure all the clearances calculated the hard way still no Cad program use a PCB program to align the holes unfortunately somehow one the 3 8mm rods got a little bent and trying to straight just made it worse had to order another *TRe2 rod at 800mm hard to find that long have to have them cut from a 1000mm rod 2nd issue have no idea why the ramps and the 4988 or 8825 drivers wont turn my 1.7a motors at 0.8v that should be more then enough they act like they are set on hold as the rods are physically tight electrically not mechanically odd even withe the extruder on past 160 degree c? using repetier missed something someplace all 3 z motors are an 17HM19 0.9degree with 1.6a at 64oz close but no cigar yet!

      a lot of people dont realize you don't need the corner brackets at all none in my design the screws but head 1/4-20 ride in the rails to position all you need is one hole to tighten the button head screw down and the screws are in the rails so none of the drilled holes have any crossing screws 4 separate rails on each post and 4 screws and done wish i could show more then one photo :>)
      1. Special Notes

        you will not see any corner or reinforcement supports on the 8020 this is due to the through bolting with 1/4-20 tapped holes in the extrusion. No need to use the corner brackets. may add some abs bottom fitted parts to prevent scratching and the top plate will cover the top ends the rags are to prevent catching oneself on the corners (Ouch!)
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    an outside of the box idea, based on the fact there are very few responsible good sized inexpensive 3D printers. however as with most projects the cost of a project is not a financial value but a source of pride in the accomplishment factor upon completion of a working design, regardless of the monetary values.

    Inspired by

    The beast
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