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      CNC Router Overhaul
      This project was inspired by my awesome father-in-law (Papa John). I plan to give his cnc router an overhaul for his upcoming birthday. I will be posting updates of this process throughout the transition. This machine was designed well, but lacks travel and could use some TLC. I will be using most of the parts on this machine and will covert it to a LEAD CNC. This design was a prototype to the LEAD, and is a great example of the OpenBuilds modular system. I know John will love this modification and we enjoy working on different projects together, so I thought this would be an awesome way to keep the projects flowing!


      "Papa John" on the left

      The profile of this machine is rigid, using 20x80 V-Slot for the frame, but I want to give it more of a low profile look using 20x40 V-Slot for the base frame. John has limited space to work with in his workshop, so this will be a more suitable option by making some of these modifications.


      The drag chain is a little bulky and could definitely use something more sleek and low profile. I love the use of the 20x40 V-Slot as a cable tray here for the Y-Axis, so I'm going to downsize it to a 20x20 to give him a little more space on the right side of the machine. The y-gantry is built up of V-Slot cut downs and 2 Universal Gantry Plates, so I'm going to convert that to the XL Gantry Plate on both sides to increase travel. The x-carriage is also built with Universal Gantry Plates and will be converted to XL Gantry Plates to increase rigidity.

      Once again another great use of the OpenBuilds modular components! This is a custom built electronics box. This is very cool, but unfortunately the controller board is exposed and the wiring is a rat's nest, so i'm going to modify this to accompany the OpenBuilds OpenCase and use some additional parts to create something contained and unexposed to the debris that will be flying off of this beast.

      20190128_190905.jpg 20190128_190916.jpg 20190128_190922.jpg 20190128_190933.jpg 20190128_194048.jpg 20190128_194058.jpg 20190128_194109.jpg

      Let the disassembly process begin!


      The reassembly started with the base frame and the y-axis gantry plates. During this process I really was impressed with the longevity and quality of the OpenBuilds parts! This machine is close to 5 years old and all of the parts functioned perfectly, down to every screw, shim, and nut block.

      I used double brackets for the spoiler board mounting process (since that is what was left over from the build ) they worked out great. In addition, this is when I set up the first actuator. I used cast corners to connect the y-axis to the frame and adjusted the length of the machine based on the lengths of V-Slot I had left over.

      20190130_205746.jpg Its coming together!

      20190130_210455.jpg 20190130_210510.jpg

      It's a must to stay organized during this process!

      It must have been 2 degrees in my shop and I couldn't put my tools down! Watching this beauty come to life was much too satisfying.

      After 2 nights of rewarding labor, this monster took its first steps!

      I mounted the waste board and it was time for a test cut!

      Papa John making his first cut on his new machine!

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    To improve and modify this cnc for my father-in-law.

    Inspired by

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