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      This build is based on the c beam mill but using standard avaliable parts in Germany.

      It's tough to get c beams so i designed it to use 20x20 and 20x80 Profils for the actuators

      The end mounts are currently printed parts until I have proven my concept they will be replaced by metal parts hopefully milled on this system

      Electrical Components

      So i have looked into 2 different options to set up my controller for the CNC.

      1. Arduino Uno R3 mit CNC Shield

      I flashed the current GRBL 1.1 Version on to the Arduino Uno and connected it to the digital stepper drivers as displayed below

      Credit -> http://dfsimg.hqew.net/group3/M00/45/86/wKhk7VwSD-uAInCQAAGCca-mm1M006.jpg

      Intitaly i had a Problem on connecting the arduino to the USB solution for this is the driver called CH340 after that connection was going with out a problem.

      2. Keyestudio CNC Grbl v0.9 board - Not a good option as it runs GRBL 0.9 and is not supported by openbuilds control
      I have designed a case for the board as it didn't come with one.
      IMG_20190918_210434[1].jpg IMG_20190918_210450[1].jpg

      The board works out of the box with the openbuilds controls that i have so far tested.

      What i am still waiting on are drivers which i need to mount on the board to rig up the wiring of the nema 23 motors.

      I have a single 12 V input but unfortunately no indicator with how many Amps. so iam a bit worried that the motors will not get enough juice from the board to work correctly (pls feel free to correct me on that.)

      Looking back at the OpenBuilds C-Beam partslist they actually have a 24V Power Source so this is going to be intressting. Nice thing is you can control Spindles and Lasers with the same board and it is equipped to handle E-Stops as well
      New Keyestudio CNC GRBL V0.9 Board for CNC/Laser engraving
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    1 Keyestudio-cnc-grbl-v09-board-for-cnc-laser https://keyestudio.com/new-keyestudio-cnc-grbl-v09-board-... Link
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