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      I'm to this forum but I thought I'd share my ongoing project.

      Bought a cnc plasma machine from China. It goes as portable and sure you can probably dismantle it but....

      Anyway, my plan was to use it as a stationary cutter.

      Being really impatient I naturally already tried it using pallet a wooden pallet table (Yes, I know wood and plasma is not a optimal combination ). But my intention also along was to have a more proper table.

      The plasma cutter
      The plasma cutter cuts up to 3x1,5m. The actual controlbox is located on aluminium extruded rails, measuring 300mm in with. The rails are thankfully divided in two parts, enabling the use of just one rail. This makes it possible to minimize the space needed when cutting smaller pieces.

      The table
      After an initial sketchup session I opted for a table measuring roughly 2000x1800mm, this because I do not I think I will need the full size so often.
      Since I have a tendency for seing potential in most things, I have to much stuff. This of course results in lack of space ! I therefore had a plan of making the table "multifunctional". The idea was to divide the table in two areas. One area for the plasma 1500x1000mm and one area for....... However, the table had to convertible to full size cutting.

      The table top frame is made with 30x40x2mm. I used 6 pieces of 60x60x6 steel for the legs. Each leg is adjustable up to roughly 100mm ensuring stability on uneven floors (yes, my floor is a disaster).
      To spread the load on from the table top frame to the legs I used a triangular steel plate with 6mm thickness.
      To add additional stability I welded an sub level frame, also in 30x40x2mm.
      The sub level frame is where I'll have my workbee cnc mill. It should fit just fine measuring in at roughly 1100x1100x510mm. To prevent dirt and plasma slag reaching the mill, I'll build a collector plate.

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