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      www.cncforeveryone.com TITAN CNC ROUTER. Made my first router a little too big. This is the little brother to the Mighty Router. We are using the Open Builds Rails with modified wheels. The construction of this router was done using 3/16 aluminum. Still using the Planet-CNC breakout board. The honeycomb box design on the Y gantry places the wheels far beneath the spoil board to prevent dust from building up. We will also attach brushes to clear the way of the V groove on the rail. This build will be an 18" X 18" X 4" cutting capacity with a Porter Cable laminate trimmer motor. We will also have LED lighting under the gantry for detail PCB routing. Please visit www.cncforeveryone.com

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    My kids love when dad brings home a new machine. Trying to teach myself and others the importance of creative building.

    Inspired by

    Everyone who taught me what I know and those that continue the journey with me. My family and friends that support my mad scientist ways.
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