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      ** The Control Box **

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      In the latest and last video I go over all the changes I've made to the controller. So a lot of the intentions and processes in the earlier videos are not factually correct.

      Part 8 - Stacking Power Supply Units and Stepper Drivers

      Part 9 - Wiring Contactor Unit to On/Off Switches

      Part 10 - Wiring Proximity Limit Sensors in Parallel

      Part 11 - Assembling Enclosure & Mounting Panel Layout

      Part 12 - Powering PSU’s, VFD, Stepper Drivers & Control Board

      Part 13 - Wiring Stepper Drivers To Controller & Panel Mounts

      CORRECTION 0:47 Input coming into the controller such as the start, hold and reset buttons, the probe and limits switches all need an active low signal - which means when the pin is receiving a voltage (normally 5v) it is disabled, and if that goes to 0V is it active. The coolant and spindle enable pins use an active high so the off state is normally at 0v and that goes up to 12v to signal those are turn those on. In the case of stepper drivers a high and low signal result in moving the stepper in one direction or the other. When I built my first controller I didn't use a probe or start/hold buttons, and my limits were simple mechanical limits which didn't require me to investigate how they worked.

      Part 14 - Wiring Voltage Dividers to Proximity Limits Sensors.

      Part 15 - PWM to Potentiometer Speed Toggle Switch

      Part 16 - Extending VFD Panel Display, PWM to Potentiometer toggle Switch, Estop and Controller buttons

      Part 17 - Wiring 24v Dual Channel Relay Module to CNC Controller

      Part 18 - Connecting CNC Machine to Controller Enclosure

      Part 33 - Controller Rebuild - All The Things I Wish I Knew Beforhand

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