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      Thought it may be time to add something here ..... started today ... bought some metal ... great start!

      Need to start cutting out corrugated boxes for my business ... planning a whole bag-in-a-box trip ... i deal with detergents and such ... price of plastic packaging is sky rocketing .. so in order to keep costs down ... need to have this build complete by 12/01/2015 when I reopen.

      Still have my 4 Nema 23 motors and control equipment (4 axis) in storage ... so don't have to worry about that outlay .... also have some linear bearings and shafts at hand i bought before leaving London ... 12 mm ...perfect for the z axis. ( got it off e-bay for 1 quid ..ha ha! (8 by 500 mm , 12 mm shaft + bearings to match))

      IMG_20141129_185312.jpg IMG_20141129_185906.jpg

      PICTURE 1

      1) 70 mm by 70 mm by 6 mm angle ....... 2 lengths at 3 meters
      2) 40 mm by 40 mm by 2 mm angle ........ 2 lengths at 3 meters
      3) 25 mm by 25 mm by 2 mm angle ........ 4 lengths at 3 meters

      also bought but not shown 2 x 6m length of 32 mm box/square (which shall form the bed)
      2 x 6m lengths of 25 mm box/square ( reinforcement purposes ..struts etc)
      1 x 6m length of 50 mm x 50 mm box/square (for the legs )

      all for a grand total of R1580.00 that's about $142.78

      PICTURE 2

      Learnt from my previous set ups ... i don't want to get into any detailed builds ... so came up with a cunning plan ...set up like such (picture 2) ... the 25 mm will form the linear rails for the skateboard bearing to glide on ... the 70mm angle will hold the linear rails and become part of the table .... the 40 mm ... well that just to beef it up a bit more and be used for alignment of the bed .... 32 mm box section will be cut to 1.5 meter lengths ... and spread out over the length of the bed with a sheet of ply over the top!

      SIMPLE AND EASY !!!! start welding it up in the morn ... 30/11/2014 (will post more pics)

      Just reviewed the design ... making some changes ... rail was not to my liking and too complicated ....

      will post more this week-end ... got my rack and pinion today ... a whole 5 meters ... all for about $140 ...its only mild steel but will do the job --- module 1 ---- 3.1mm pitch ... each section a meter long!



      can't wait for the week-end .....

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        may need some help with the 4th axis later ... setting it up in mach 3 ... etc
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