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      After a year of frustration with the SO2, I happened across the Ox CNC build. The Ox community is extremely helpful and friendly and the machine seems to be much more rigid than the SO2. It also keeps parts to a minimum saving on cost and build time.

      My current SO2 is 1000X1000mm so I designed this one to be the same. I have made many modifications to the original Ox build to suite my needs. The L brackets on the frame are already installed on my SO2 and they make the Y axis super rigid. These are mounted directly to my 1" plywood workbench and have 3 pieces of 3/4" MDF to build up the spoil board.

      The custom plates were machined by Chris Laidlaw and they are pieces of art. He does awesome work. I had him machine a custom adapter so I could install my existing 400W DC spindle on the V-slot rail. You may also notice I added holes in the side plates where the 20x40 cross brace mounts so I can use the middle of the extrusion for running cables.


      I also added extra bracing for the X axis. This is the Achilles heel on the SO2 and wanted to make sure the rails would not slip or walk on a machine of this size.


      Also included detailed assembly drawings to make the build easier... maybe easier. There's a lot of information to include.
      I have not started the build yet because I'm waiting on parts. I put about 30 hours into learning Sketchup and designing the machine. I don't normally post builds I do, but since I put so much time into the design, I wanted to share what I have done.

      I've received several questions about the electronics I'm using so I'll post that here. I'm using NEMA 23 steppers for all axes and TinyG for the control and driver. I'm very happy with the TinyG so far. It did take a little head banging to get the software right. Apparently, TGfx is no longer supported and it gave me a helluva time anyway. I went to ChiliPepper and it has run every single job perfect. I'm not a big fan of the interface but I get it to work and it works good.

      I'm also running solid state relays for the vacuum and the spindle which works so much better than those welded shut mechanical relays. ;-o

      UPDATE 1/19/2015
      Finished the build today. This machine is way more beefy than the SO2. I would recommend anyone looking at getting a Shapeoko, DON'T. This machine is less expensive, less parts and much better than the Shapeoko.

      I still have to wire up the limit switches and have another spindle mount plate made...I screwed up the dimensions on the first one. I couldn't believe how smooth and solid this machine moves. Very happy with the build.

      Here's some pics:
      IMAG0188.jpg IMAG0189.jpg IMAG0190.jpg IMAG0191.jpg IMAG0192.jpg

      UPDATE 2/1/2015
      Finally got everything finished and was able to make my first cuts today. It seems to be running great!! Here's is a video cutting an LCD bezel out of ABS for a 19" rack.

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    Reason for this Build

    Seriously needed a more rigid CNC machine.

    Inspired by

    Mark Carew and his original Ox CNC
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