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      Cairo Open Source CNC Machines
      Is a project started by Ahmed Ibrahim as a move to spread the digital fabrication technology between everyone and anyone. That came from his fascination with how fast and easy these machines can turn ideas and sketches into reality and prototypes with almost no need for a previous tech background. The main goal of this project is to make easy-to-build, fully open-source, truly reproducible CNC machines that anyone can reproduce. Using popular, easy, and available components in the Egyptian market. Not only open-source! but also fully documented. To make it easy for anyone with or without technical knowledge to follow along and make his/her own machine. In this page, you will find an up-to-date parts list, fabrication, design source files, and full assembly guides.

      Cairo 30 3d-Printer
      We are introducing the Cairo30 3d-printer! It’s our new premium creature with no compromises! The Cairo30 3d-printer is the culmination of our accumulated years of experience designing and producing open-source CNC machines kits.

      The Cairo30 3d-printer is a fully Open-source truly Reproducible 30x30x35cm 3d-printer with big features, unbeatable speed, and rigidity for such a small package.

      • Stop abusing open-source! The machine is truly, fully open-source!
      • The machine is doable in any fablab or makerspace.
      • Fully documented With BOM, design source files, fabrication files, assembly guide.


      Source Files & BOM & Assembly Guide
      Machine STEP file
      • The electronics of the machine is based on SKR 1.4 turbo. of course you can choose a different control system!
      • The mechanics of the machine is based on the Openbuilds Aluminium profile system. Its rigid and easy to assemble!
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