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      About 4 years ago, I started building a bike (well, trike, actually, but who's counting?) and to make the cuts easy, I bought a cheap mitre saw on Father's Day. I think it cost 100 Canukian pesos. I also bought some blades for it that could cut metals. The blades cost more than the mitre.

      I built the trike, but along the way, I had a mishap with a badly clamped piece of aluminum, which broke the fence.

      I've been making do, but finally decided to fix it. I replaced it with a piece of C-beam.
      IMG_1145.JPG o IMG_1146.JPG
      I'm using a corner bracket bolted to the c-beam as a stop. It works awesome, and feels like it's a better fence than the original. It still needs a few tweaks though. Right now, it only has about 35 degrees of tilt before the hinge hits the c-beam. I need to make a cut-out in the back left to regain the full 45 degrees. I'll probably procrastinate on that until I need it.

      Next, I used some left over c-beam as a fence, with corner bracket stop, on my drill press. I set it up to drill holes in aluminum plate, as I'm making c-bean end plates. IMG_1148.JPG
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