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      Hi Guys! Welcome to my Sphinx with a twist build.

      I have the design in my head, and somewhat in CAD but hopefully I will finalize it in CAD once I have finished it. At the moment I just need to get it done as I have some products I want to take to market. I will do my best to keep this up to date.

      Basically I wanted a build with 1000x1000 overall, and as versatile as possible. The sphinx caught my eye as it was a reliable verified build that ticked all the boxes. Also Kyo was awesome enough to provide very in depth info into the build, which helps with this being my first build.

      Here are a couple of photos, I am sort of desiging as I go, so I wont post any plans etc until it is finished, but I think I have some pretty good ideas when it comes to a table to have it built on.

      20170804_160653.jpg 20170804_163219.jpg 20170804_164500.jpg

      Update 10/8/17

      Got some more work done today.

      Finished off the Z axis. This took a long time to get the spindle sitting square to the rails. I have an Idea for an adjustable mount plate that I may go with in the end.

      20170810_165057.jpg 20170810_165053.jpg

      My plan is to make the plates out of mdf for a start, to see if the design is correct, finalize them in CAD, then I will machine replacement ones once it is up and running.
      I laid them out pretty carefully but I know they aren't perfect. The 5mm holes are a bit sloppy, but everything else is ok.


      Things are easier with some help too!


      Update 13/8/17

      So over the weekend I had some time to get into it. I wanted to assemble the Y axis, but when I got started I realised I had drilled all the wheel holes out with a 5.5mm drill bit, and it was just awy too loose. So I made some new plates, which ended up nicer than the first ones anyway. (they are all temporary and will be replaced)


      Also when I went to assemble the y axis, I realized because I am using 12mm MDF instead of 1/4" aluminum I didn't have enough long bolts to put them together anyway. I have ordered some and hopefully they will be here in the next few days.

      So because I didn't have anything to assemble, I started into what is the base for the whole machine. I wanted a standalone table so I didn't have to sacrifice any bench space. I also really liked the idea of a vacuum table. I have also been looking a lot at pallet systems in industrial machining, which I would love to incorporate into my router as I want to make a few different products, and possibly do small scale production.
      My idea is to have the vacuum table as per usual, with 6 separate sections and built as a torsion box. On this I will bolt the Y axis rails straight to the box. Then any of my fixture plates can just fit on top of the vacuum box, blocking the holes I don't need, and I can drill through the ones I do. It will act as a spoil board as well.
      Anyway, here are some pictures of it.

      20170812_142129.jpg 20170812_143558.jpg 20170813_094122.jpg 20170813_124840.jpg 20170813_124833.jpg 20170813_124827.jpg

      Update 18/8/17

      Got a bit more work done over the last few days. Its pretty much ready for wiring now.

      I got the Y axis plates done and assembled once the new bolts arrived.


      Once I'd done that I assembled the full Y axis I wanted to see what it looked like on the vacuum table.


      Then I assembled the right side Y axis, put that and the X axis Rail on to the table, then I couldn't help myself, I clamped the Z axis in place to have a look.


      Charlie liked it!

      Then I got into making the X axis plates, which turned into a nightmare. The first ones were about 1mm to far apart between the wheel sets. And the fixed row of wheels wasn't straight. So I started into the second set, got half way through and realised I had used a 5.5mm drill again. Third time lucky.

      I mad a fence that was 10mm back in the drill press, which let me make sure the wheel holes were in line and parallel.

      20170815_170809.jpg 20170817_162138.jpg

      So now its all assembled and I have to start into wiring. Which I have no idea about. So if anyone has any input it would be much appreciated.


      Update 4/9/17

      Massive update! It runs!

      So I fell behind on the updates a wee bit. I got quite involved in wiring and things and just kept going.
      My friend is an electrician, so we spent a Saturday working through what needed to be wired and how, then he took the control box away and wired it throughout the week. Man did he make a nice job! The wiring was perfectly laid out, super tidy and logical.

      20170904_153451.jpg 20170904_153439.jpg

      The next weekend he bought it around to hook up to the machine. Unfortunately I couldn't get the phoenix cnc controller to connect to the pc. So for the next week and a half I troubleshot that issue, turned out to be as simple as windows 7 not having the correct usb drivers for the board.

      Once that was working, we mounted the control box and wired up the steppers and everything worked! I had to reverse all the axis in grbl but that wasn't an issue, then some tuning.


      Did the first cuts today, just some drilling to test it out, but tomorrow I will be using the machine to drill the holes in the vaccum table. Vid to come!


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