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      A friend of mine here in Austin TX recently became an OpenBuilds destributor. Marshall and Gabi are about the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet and 3d printing wizards!

      Me not so much, desktop milling is more my thing.

      I built a few OX last year for a client, and although we have mills ranging from pcb up though a 5x10 shopbot at the hackerspace I've really missed the OX.

      So we decided to rustle up a C-Beam machine and see how it works. Since the parts are all standard they were already on hand for building printers, and if we didn't like it they'd just go back to inventory.

      So far it work great! I've even got an extra spindle mount with a plastic extruder so it can double as a 3d printer. Only takes a minute to swap out

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