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      This is a C-Beam, lead screw driven desktop machine inspired by similar builds by Open Builds Korea, C-Beam Sphinx, Ultibot CB3030, and the R7 CB CNC. I have an inkling that the basic design, which I have already modified to include a lower X Axis support, hold proximity sensors, brackets under the X Axis extrusion, and an opening for tensioning the nut block, is good enough to be first made from 12mm birch ply, and for the machine to then cut plates out of more durable material.

      2017/01 - Currently working on new Control Box Electronics and have created a new project build: CNC Control Box with VFD etc etc

      2017-08 - Upgrading redesigned plates with ones cut from Acetal (Click here)

      Part 1 - Designing and Testing For Lead Screw Machine

      Part 2 - Finalised Y and Gantry Plates

      Part 3 - Making PTFE Anti-Backlash Nut Blocks and DIY ACME TR8x8x2 Tap

      Part 4 - Assembling X and Y Axis & making ACME Locking Collars

      Part 5 - Assembling Z Axis and Spindle Mounting Plates

      Part 6 - Installing Stepper Motors, Sub Wasteboard and Programming VFD

      Part 7 - Water Cooling and Drag Chains Install

      UPDATE July 2017

      I've redesigned the plates I used to make this CNC machine and intent to cut the next (upgrade) version out soon. Here is a video where I talk about some of the design implementations in Fusion360. I'm releasing the plates initially only on my Patreon while I cut them out after that will release the plates on Openbuilds. I am planning to use 12mm acetal instead of aluminium as it works out a similar price and is a lot easier to cut. But I will test cut some aluminium if anyone want to know if this machine is up to it.

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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    There are several reasons, starting with my current belt driven machine which I am not entirely happy with – I want to cut faster, more accurately, and process harder material. I also want to experiment with building a lead screw machine for my know enjoyment and development.

    I want to have intimate knowledge of building a machine which I could share with students at my work. I am a technician at an art and design school in London, and part of my job includes operating a large industrial CNC machine. But the approach to using the machine is very one dimensional, and I am starting to believe that aesthetics and scope of these machines will never be fully realised, unless designers and artists have and use machines themselves.

    Inspired by

    Open Builds Korea, C-Beam Sphinx, Ultibot CB3030, and the R7 CB CNC.
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