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      OK. This part of the build will have more one I'm closer to completion.

      I have so many tasks I need to accomplish that carefully documenting this build is just going to happen. My next build will be documented more thoroughly.

      The only thing I will say is that I'm calling my build a 10060 because another build I'm basically copying hopefully without any problems because Michael M., the builder did a fantastic job of documenting and helping me, is named a 7050 based on his y-axis being 700mm and his X-axis is 500mm. Mine, because I wanted a larger area for one and also because I did not want to shorten the standard rail, is a 10060 because the y is 1000mm and the X is 600mm. That's it for now.
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    I built this because it encompasses stuff I like to do plus stuff I do for work.
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