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      I have no past knowledge of CNC router nor machinery of any sort. However I am a computer case modder/designer as a hobby. While I was having difficulties on having the parts I need from shops, I suddenly came up with the idea of building a machine of my own. After reading, watching openbuilds community builds I have (i think) learned a lot and wanted to give it a go finally.

      I had to source the parts I need from 3 different places. First is the openbuilds US (almost all bits except the ones bigger in size due to logistics difficulties), second is ooznest (openbuilds UK) for c-beam slots and lead screws and the last one is a local manufacturer, who produces sigma profiles here in Istanbul.

      This is currently where I am, I have all c-beam slots and sigma profiles I need for the main frame, while I still have to wait till end of March to have other parts in my hands to start building C-BEAM-GTC. GTC stands for my nickname (GinoTheCop) and I try to stick with that with my designs/builds.

      C-BEAM-GTC will be a larger version of C-BEAM and it will have a cutting area of 720 by 820 mms. Will be powered by 4 nema 23 size motors and controlled by CNC- XPro V2. A DeWalt 26200 router will be used.

      This project will help my nephew, who is currently studying electric-electronic engineering so I will build this project together with him.

      The build is upgraded for a more sturdy Z gantry and spindle mount. Used Sphinx method (double anti backlash nuts on all gantries).

      You can see an overview, specs and all by downloading this PDF file

      I am using fusion 360 for the design and below is a render taken from the latest state.


      The update design can be followed from here

      And a simulation video from Fusion:

      You may have a look at the designs and also download in IGES - SAT- SMT - STEP - DWG - DXF- STL - FBX - SketchUp - OBJ formats from below links. (You will reach to the latest versions as I keep working on them and I will confirm the parts are 100% compatible once I finish the upgrade)




      Z PLATE


      Y PLATE



      Wish me luck, and thanks for reading...

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    Reason for this Build

    I want to be able to learn more about machines while I want my nephew to have some experience in mechanics, electronics and electric.

    Inspired by

    C-Beam Sphinx Build / C-Beam / MakerSL MSL-8 OB Vise
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