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      I'm calling this the C-Beam 2XL since I doubled the cut area.

      Instead of the 500mm C-Beams for the Y axis I went with 1000mm C-beams and a larger MDF base board.

      Some details

      - Mach3 control software
      - Mach3 breakout board
      - TB6600 motor drivers
      - Dewalt Router

      I built this mostly to cut aluminum plates and after the first few cuts I can say I'm extremely impressed with the cut quality and the accuracy of the parts. (I regularly use a Waterjet so I have a comparison and I will be now using this instead for most parts)

      Also of note I'm cutting aluminum at 30 ipm and have ran it up to 45 ipm with a cut depth of .03.

      Update: I've now replaced the MDF platform with a 3/8" aluminum plate. Seen in IMG_6857.jpg
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    To cut aluminum parts.

    Inspired by

    C-Beam XL Machine
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