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      Just got all the parts. Was a little surprised when the order was split, and the store didn't send the tracking number for the large box. Amazingly it arrived at my door while i was unboxing the first small box.
      Wow! Look at all those parts. (Took the better part of an hour to verify inventory) :)
      Very neatly packed and well protected. There was no damage to any of the hardware.

      Double L-Bracket (Ended up not using them - yet)

      90 Deg. Brackets, only used 8 so far...

      Spindle Bracket

      Non-Eccentric wheel assemblies

      Eccentric wheel assemblies (Wow that's a lot of wheels)

      Spacer assemblies for the X-Carriage

      ACME Nut blocks assembled and ready to go

      X-Carriage complete

      X-Carriage and both Y-Carriages

      Z-Carriage wheels

      Presto! ready for more.

      Left Support beam

      All 4 put together. Spindle box in the middle for a size reference.
      This thing is a whole lot bigger than the small X-Carve i have!

      Top linear rail laid on top for fit check

      Attached the vertical portions of the gantry

      Different angle of the gantry

      Gantry attached, although i did change the attachment point of the left gantry pillar to the outside of the Y carriage. Gave me a few more inches of X travel.
      I added a section of 20x40 V-slot to mount the drag chain.

      A close up of the motor attachment.
      I found that the included M5-55 low profile screws that are meant to attach the steppers have a collar just under the head that interferes with the frame on the stepper motor. Going to see if an M5-55 cap head will do a better job.
      -- UPDATE --
      Home Depot sells a socket cap screw (Crown Bolt) M5-.8 x 55MM that fits like a glove!
      Highly recommend replacing the High torque NEMA23 motor bolts that the kit comes with (M5-.8 low profile)

      Mechanical portion mostly complete, now moving on to the electronics!
      Panucat Gradus M1 with Big-Foot style drivers. (3A capable)
      Finally made room in the garage for the little beastie. ;-)
      I used the Rockler T-Track for hold down, and have a number of 1/2" MDF strips between them.
      All attached to a sheet of 1-1/8" plywood.
      Now to work up a nice large project with V-Carve Desktop.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted a larger, stronger alternative to my 500x500 XCarve.

    Inspired by

    Based on the C-Beam XXLarge "Tank" by Dollarz81
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