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      I decided to double the size of the standard c-beam package and this is that project.

      Size enlarged to 1000mmx1000mm. Extending the sides and back to the 1000mm extruded aluminum.

      Bear in mind, you will need a solid worktop of at least 42"x42" for this build. You need to make a space for this first or you may run into space constraints issues.

      I built my base out of treated 2x4 lumber, 3/4" mdf flooring as a top base with 1/2" mdf over that.

      The only issue I ran into was that I enlarged the work surface as well. I decided to go back to the 12"x12" and as suggested I will add taller spaces on the gantry plate so I can go beyond the Y axis stepper to fully utilize the project base.

      I will update and add pics and videos later if possible.

      My first cuts[​IMG]

      As you can see I tested the wrench file on this scrap mdf, also wanted to do a test run of the Open Builds Logo.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted to get into the world of hobby cnc and make items for sale or friends, etcetera.

    Inspired by

    I admired the site for C-Beam Open Builds and Tracy Ranson was a great help and an inspiration for the build.
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