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      Fun build and the videos helped. Ill change a few things going forward but all in all a good product.
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        The outside is skinned in .25 grey mdf and white inside.Th core is 1.5" shipping foam in between the sheets. The entire frame is made of 80-20 on 4"casters with brakes on each wheel that can handle the weight. Rolls very nicely.I used 4" led can lights in the ceiling and vented them using some metal speaker grill to disapate heat. the lower area i used some aluminum sheet to enclose the electronic parts.I also used 4" fans on both sides for cooling. Th vacuum system has a detachable hose that has a ground strap running through it. I used a ground bar and put grounds from each motor to that point and from there to a ground clamp on my breaker box.
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    needed a new machine for the garage

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    Mark for the help
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    1 Lead 1010 Link common 80-20 parts and MDF skins
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