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      The 454-D is a production CNC router with a DIY price point. Based on this forum post it's also an active, working machine not just an idea.

      Made up of mostly off the shelf components and hardware from the OpenBuilds parts store as well as other vendors, custom component files are provided for DIY production. Those parts can also be purchased direct on my Facebook store in the coming weeks.

      What makes this setup unique from others is the custom rack and pinion drive system. It not only provides precision accuracy and ease of maintenance; it also allows the user to grow the machine to a 4’x8’ cut envelope just by adding a second table assembly and changing settings on the chosen controller.

      *The design of this build is finished, but I am still fussing over the files and images. Updates will be posted here as often as needed until complete.

      Build Footprint – 1564mm x 1500mm x 1192mm (61.58” x 59.1” x 46.93”)

      Maximum Travel – 1250mm both X/Y axis (49.22”), 103.03mm Z axis*(4.22”)

      True Cut Capacity – 1219.2 both X/Y axis (48” x 48”), 63.5mm Z axis (2.50”)

      Drive Systems – Rack and Pinion both X/Y axis, Openbuilds leadscrew Z axis

      Cut Accuracy - .002”/.05mm (+/- .001”)

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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

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    Looking to provide a user friendly large format DIY build at an affordable price.
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