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      BldrBot S2

      This Series 2 is a simpler-to-build version of the original BldrBot. BOM for this design is $340.

      It utilizes our 3dWrx "Synchronized Leveling" concept to permanently keep the print bed level with the extruder. We have installed this leveling concept on over 100 CR-10S and Anet A6 printers as an upgrade sold on our 3dWrx.com website and on Ebay in addition to using on all our printer designs. The concept is simple, it uses one NEMa 17 motor and a GT2 timing belt to synchronize both Z axis screws, preventing the screws from getting out of alignment with each other. We have printers running more than 5,000 hours with never a bed re-leveling needed.

      The design uses the KFB3.0 control board, a mosfet relay for powering an aluminum 300x300mm heat bed, two 8mm linear rods and bearings for Z axis guides, and Open Builds v-wheels for X & Y axis guides, 12 volt PSU, and our own Xtrdr extruder. This design uses 8mm threaded rod for Z axis, with 20 tooth pulleys on the rods and a 16 tooth pulley on the shared motor to produce a leadscrew pitch of 1mm per revolution.

      BOM PDF: http://3dwrx.com/BldrBot/BldrBotBOM.pdf
      SKP Files: http://3dwrx.com/BldrBot/build-skp.zip
      STL Files: http://3dwrx.com/BldrBot/build-stl.zip

      build1.jpg build2.jpg build3.jpg build4.jpg build5.jpg build6.jpg

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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    The Open Builds V Slot and Mini V Wheels are a revolutionary break-through for creating compact 3D printer designs. Just what I had been looking for.

    Inspired by

    Prusa i3 and Ord Bot Hadron.
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