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      This uses Open Builds Mini-V Wheels and Plate for the Z and X axis, and Solid V Wheels on the Y axis. It also has three unique features:

      1) It uses belts for the Z axis, greatly reducing the size of the Z axis mechanism. This is similar to the use of belts on the old Fabbster to raise the X carriage.

      2) The problem of motor sync on the two Z axis sides is eliminated by using only one dual shaft motor and a bearing supported drive shaft to the remote side.

      3) The X axis motor is mounted in the center of the X carriage. This greatly reduces the width of the printer. The overall size of the printer is X-14.5", Y-16.5", Z-14.5" for an 8.5" cubic build area. (The drawing does not show the X belt looping under the 30 tooth drive pulley between the two idlers - use your imagination.)
      The design includes a custom printed mount for attaching the Recreus extruder to the X axis Min-Plate. The Recreus extruder is designed by the same people who developed the FilaFlex filament. FilaFlex is an elastic flexible filament and the very hardest of the flex filaments to print (you can actually print stretchy rubber bands with it). Recreus had to develop this extruder design after they discovered that no extruder could print FilaFlex. I've printed their FilaFlex, NinjaFlex, ABS, PLA, and Taulman 316 Nylon with the same extruder. Flex filaments require less spring tension on the lever arm and I have designed a deep hole in the extruder drive body for the spring to set in. To tighten the spring pressure for stiff filaments, I remove the spring, drop a 9mm dia plug in the hole to shorten the spring compression length, and reassemble the spring and lever. I'm not crazy about that solution but it allows printing filaments with different spring pressure requirements with just one spring. I have released the printed parts for the Recreus drive mechanism at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:542416

      There is a layout.skp in the Files Section containing the design elements in the drawings below. Individual elements can be extracted from that file.






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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted to achieve a compact, rugged, quiet printer for heavy use in offices as well as homes.
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