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      This is a Minimill bundle from the store, with the addition of a 500mm C-beam and leadscrew for the X axis. The leadscrew turned out to be too short to fit the jog knob, but it is more compact without it.
      I bought the new Bosch Colt router, it's 1-1/4hp, but slightly larger than the mount that came with the kit, so I carefully opened it up with a carbide bur in my drill press.
      I have the 24v power supply and Xpro V3 mounted inside an old Dell case that was laying around.
      I used 4 small nuts I had that are larger than the screws attaching the MDF board to space it above the ends of the beam, but not above the motor.
      The board is 12 inches by 5.5, and I have about a 10x5 cut area. My next plan is to build a box to keep all the chips out of the electronics.
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