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      I'm working on my 1x2m CNC plasma cutter.

      My CNC plasma is inspired by the OX openbuilds concept. But It's a little bigger then most of the shown OX inspired builds. but that's makes the challenge even bigger.

      I bought a hand cutting table online for a good price and started enginering.
      IMG_6934.JPG IMG_6850.JPG

      when the mechanical parts were ordered, I had to wait until they were delivered. This gave me time to
      search for the right electronics parts and the necessary software.


      It's already cutting metal but circles aren't exactly round. This annoys me so I want to fix this first.

      I could not resist to try something out :duh:

      At the moment I'm dealing with a little amount of backlash on the x axis (and y axis?).
      Because of this I still have problems with drawing / cutting of circles.

      So, more later on :)

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        1x2m workingspace
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    Inspired by

    OX builds
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