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      I am just starting this build, I have built a small 3d printer already and currently finishing up a OX CNC. I didnt post anything on these 2 builds for the main reason they were my first builds. I was to busy learning how to do things to take pics and keep a post active. So this build i will make public.

      Starting off this will be a printer with a 609 x 609 x 914 mm build area. Thus the name "big brown". I will be building off a aluminum heated bed with a glass top.

      I have the e3d Kraken Hot End. With geared Nema 17 motors for the Bowden Extruders.

      The one thing i am really trying to achieve here is being able to switch out hotends. With a build this big fine resolution builds will take days, so i want to be able to switch out the 4 nozzel with a single nozzel or even a dual. I want to be able to jump from 1.7mm filiment to 3mm with very little setup time. I also want to be able to add a Laser for engraving and cutting.

      So this printer will be able to print high resultion and then turn right around to print a part with low resultion but higher speeds.

      I will be using the V-slot extrusion for the enclosure and will design all my own brackets and mounts for the motors. I am sure i will be using alot of design ideas from OpenBuilds. I will use my current, not so good 3d printer and the OX CNC to fabricate everything i can.

      So no pics or drawings yet (still in learning process of Sketchup) but as i go along i will keep good records and build list to keep posted here. If you plan on following this build just keep in mind it took me a year to build my first printer (i travel alot for my work), so stay tuned.
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    I like being able to manafacture parts as i need them. This build will give me a huge open door to make just about any part i can ask for, plus i really want to print a model of my house to scale
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