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      This build is going to be named betterBot, but that is for no serious reason. I just want to build a printer. Here are some future characteristics:

      Total Volume= 31,6 ltr. (33cm x 29cm x 33cm)
      Build Volume aimed at 15 ltr. (30cm x 25cm x 20cm)
      Outer perimeter 43cm x 29cm x 33cm


      Frame: 20mm extrusion, 5mm groove (Bosch)
      Mounts and Joints: Mainly printed on another 3D printer.
      Screws: M5x8mm for the frame-mounted parts, M3x6mm for the stepepers

      2016-11-23: Added the Mounts for the Nema17´s to the corner connectors and the Y-Axis linear guides.

      N17Mount.png IMG_20161123_065542.jpg

      2016-11-28: Added Nema17 steppers



      Finally came up with a solution for the extruder. to gain build height i will use an MK8 extruder. But unfortunately this affects the build-volume in X and Y directions. Will investigate further.


      Made a nice looking fan-guard for the mk8 will test it on a Rep2.

      fan_guard v3.png fan_guard_2017-Feb-10_09-43-32AM-000_Startseite.png

      Once I am done this build (STL-Files, BOM etc.) will also be available at Github. Also I will add the files for the printer in FreeCAD, Inventor and Fusion360 formats.

      If you are interested in participating, you can also join my G+ community MakerAkademy

      To be continued...
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    Reason for this Build

    The first reason I am building this printer is to gain experience in building cartesian robots. The second reason I am building this is to have my own customized one.