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      This is a machine I made in my woodshop from extruded aluminum, aluminum plate, and various components from various places. The design was based off of openbuilds machines and pictures I came across online.

      Footprint 5x5
      Work area 4x4
      Controller Black Box w/Interface
      Openbuilds XYZ probe
      4 Amp nema 23
      2.2 kw spindle 220v
      x/y HGH20 rails and 1616 ball screws
      Z MGN 12 and 1605 ball screw
      Automated water cooler and dust collector
      Dustshoe I made but needs some luv

      Bessy has turned out to be rock solid and accurate so far. I'll likely make some new plates down the road to increase accuracy and alignment. I drilled everything on a drill press which worked but isn't the best.
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    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

    Reason for this Build

    I saw kits online that were pretty expensive and thought I could make something more heavy duty for similar costs.
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