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      Not started yet but will soon just wanted to get the name and the idea rolling for now. I will update as time goes by. If I am correct This build will cost less than a Gmax 1.5 printer and hopefully work just as well if not better. That and it will have a larger bed that is also heated. My estimate on all of the parts for this is around 1,300 US dollars give or take $100.
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    Reason for this Build

    I have not built it yet as funds are short at the moment but will soon be out of college and hopefully have a job. I will be working on this because I want to print some armor and costume items. My printer is just too small for this and I don't like glue.

    Inspired by

    Jank3ds' prusa build
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 Heated bed Link
    2 2020 extrusion 1000mm Link
    9 2040 extrusion 1000mm Link
    12 Cast angle brackets Link
    1 smoothieboard Link
    5 Nema 17 stepper motors Link
    1 Delrin sheet 1/4in Link
    13 Delrin v-slot wheel kit Link
    1 BLTOUCH Link
    3 vslot linear actuator http://openbuildspartstore.com/v-slot-mini-v-linear-actua... Link
    1 Titan extruder Link
    1 E3D V6 volcano Link