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      I will post more information soon. Over all I am happy with the build for what I am using it for.

      First I built a 60" x 60" x 4" Torsion Box to mount the OX to. It turned out Very solid and true. The top and bottom are 3/4" MDF and the honey comb is 1/2" honey comb and it is all glued and nailed together. It sits on a 2x6 frame with 4x4 legs.

      IMG_0021.jpg IMG_0025.jpg IMG_0025.jpg

      After the Torsion Box was complete I assembled the OX 1500mm x 1500mm on top, squared it up, & bolted it down to the Torsion Box. IMG_0020.jpg IMG_0020.jpg IMG_0019.jpg

      Had to put it in its final spot in the garage before any more work could get done on it.

      I had to build a Spacer Plate for the 80mm Spindle mount to get around the V-Wheel bolts.
      IMG_0017.jpg IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0059.jpg
      IMG_0055.jpg IMG_0057.jpg IMG_0058.jpg

      IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0037.jpg IMG_0039.jpg IMG_0040.jpg IMG_0043.jpg IMG_0044.jpg

      After running the machine for a little while I notice the side rails would flex pretty bad with the Carriage running back and forth on the X axis. So I added a 40mm x 20mm horizontally to stiffen them up like an I beam. I made a world of difference. The combined weight of the Spindle, Mount, Spacer, Carriage plates, & 2 steppers is almost 10lbs. So that is a lot of mass to be flinging around which is what was causing the flex which is now gone with those additional extrusions. They don't even interfere with the X travel at all.

      With all of that being said the one area I am trying to figure a way to improve is the Z axis. There is currently a lot of flex. The Spindle pitches forward an aft as the machine moves along the Y axis. Not sure how to Beef that up yet. Open to suggestions.

      This machine has been running very well since July 2015. For the price and customer service at Open Builds you can't beat it. Very happy with every transaction and product purchased.

      I am open to feedback and will not be offended by any input.

      Thank you,

      1. Special Notes

        Re-inforce the side rails!!!
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    Inspired by

    Martin Barfoed
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