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      This build will be mainly to feed my brain and learn to add the whole CNC thing to my other shop skills. It will be a larger OX (1500 x 1000) with reinforced build to use my existing Dewalt 618 router and when desired I can slide the router out of the really nice Chris Laidlaw built mount and replace it with a blue laser "puck" for laser work.

      A big part of my desire to build this is do cut dovetails via CNC using a new app that is soon to be released. It is to be a stan alone app to send code to cut dovetails and other joints. CNCwoodworker on LumberJocks.com is the developer and here is a video:

      I would like to start by saying that I have now purchased items made or provided by (in order)
      Robert Hummel (OX plates and laser driver - Bling!)
      OpenBuilds Parts Store (main parts order for all things OX)
      Chris Laidlaw (Very nicely crafted router mount for my DW618 - perfect fit)
      I can say without hesitation that anyone needing what they offer will be impressed.
      Laser Driver.jpg

      Well, it is raining, so no painting. Time to open boxes!!!
      I have to give a big thumbs up to Mark and the guys for their packing skills. WOW, I might go buy stocks in packing materials companies. LOL
      Here is the beginning...
      Now to get to the little goodies like wheels, steppers, attaching schtuff, etc...

      I firmly believe in the saying that you should never start a project that doesn't teach you something, and should require a new tool. I always learn new things, and most times end up with a new tool. Here is the new tools for this project (so far). The drill/tap set that Mark mentions in the video, and an organizer for small OX stuff.
      Tools.JPG Hardware.JPG Organized.JPG

      Got a little time after Church, So I thought I would put some plates together.

      Not much time to work on the build today. Didn't help that I forgot to order M5 x 65 screws for the double-wheels. Found some 70mm to use for now. Here is the progress for today. Hope to get much more done this weekend.

      Got a little time to work on the build this weekend. Gantry and Router mount is pretty much done. The Dewalt 618 router mount made by Chris laidlaw fits/works very well. It will also house the laser diode/fan assembly in the near future. Check out the picture:

      Spent a little time on the lathe, making the laser mount for "Babe". It fits into the router mount that Chris Laidlaw made for me. Should work out pretty nice, I think.
      Laser2.JPG Laser1.JPG

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      1. Special Notes

        Special Thanks to: Robert Hummel, Chris Laidlaw, and the whole OpenBuilds Team for making this possible!
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    Reason for this Build

    Who wouldn't want a CNC router and Laser???

    Inspired by

    OX and Laser-V
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