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      OX Router cutting.JPG

      After much searching the internet and comparing systems, I decided to build an OX CNC router. My machine has a cut capacity of about 22"x 55" but otherwise pretty much follow Mark's plans

      My OX is complete and working fairly well mechanically. I have had some success cutting both wood and aluminum but have never been very happy with the Tiny-G interface I chose to use. I am unsure if the problem is something in my configuration or an inherent instability in what is now a well dated design. I have ordered some separate stepper drivers and some limit switches and need to decide what to use for an interface. Possibly I will go with Mach-3/4 or am looking at the Acorn CNC package.
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    I build airplanes for fun and have been looking for a CNC router solution to help cut parts and form blocks. The OX appears to fit the bill exactly.

    Inspired by

    Mark Carew's OX CNC router
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