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      Remove the angle grinder, leaving only one main motor, and then find a suitable intermediate roller with a point drill to assemble it.

      Prepare materials:

      1.Old angle grinder
      2.Drilling screwdriver

      The specific operation is as follows:

      1. First find an angle grinder and remove the parts in order, leaving only the main motor.


      2. Next, prepare an intermediate roller that can be assembled on the angle grinder. If the hole is too small, you can use a drill screw to drill a suitable screw gear.


      3. As shown in the figure below, a suitable screw gear has been drilled on the roller, and hold it with your hand.


      4. Then rotate this roller to the electric main unit of the angle grinder, and it must be rotated tightly.


      5. Then select the drill bit you want and rotate it on the roller to tighten it.


      6. Then you can power on the electric drill modified by the angle grinder and try the effect.

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