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      I have a few pictures and progress updates from earlier on, but as there's already a very detailed video out there so no need to rehash that!

      Mine is a bit bigger than the original at 1000x750mm

      Currently I have the Ox about 90% complete. Got my Gecko G540 controller setup and running with some Nema 23 motors and LinuxCNC. I still haven't settled on a Z-Axis setup. Not sure if I want to go with a Nema 17 and run the Open Builds 8mm rod or go custom. Then of course I'll need a spindle, but that's just a few bolts and you're up and running.

      I've currently got the Ox tuned to about 495IPM rapids but I know it's capable of faster. I had it at 600IPM and it started to shake my table from the torque so I had to slow it down a bit to get any testing done. Once I've got a stable place to put it I'm sure I could run it at 600IPM all day.

      And this is all on 18t pulleys instead of the 20t faster pulleys that were in the original Ox. I wanted to slow it down a bit (ha as if that worked!) and get more resolution because I knew it would be capable of some crazy fast rapids even with the 18t pulleys.

      I'll probably be updating this later on and adding some more info, but if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask.

      Here's my YouTube video @ 495IPM

      I've tested it at 1000IPM and the Ox has kept up! The torque is pretty diminished at these speeds but I don't really expect anyone to be cutting at 1000IPM.

      (Sorry for the shaky cam, had to go handheld to get close enough)

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    Reason for this Build

    For fun! No really, I don't have any real tangible plans for this guy yet. I just wanted a CNC for the limitless possibilities. Current plans include aluminum milling and some custom wood work.

    Inspired by

    The original Ox of course!
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