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      My next build is to design a fume collector/air assist for a diode laser engraver.

      While deciding on design ideas, I came across a 3D printable Air assist for Laser diodes. Seems to be a good design, so why reinvent the wheel

      Here is a link to the STL file on thingiverse: Air Assist for Diode Lasers by Pawpawpaw85

      So that just leaves the fume collector, parts are on the way, once I have a prototype built I will post it.

      February 27, 2017
      I have received the charcoal filters, so now I can measure them accurately and build a frame for them using some 20X20 vslot.
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    Need a way to get rid of smoke and fumes as well as improve cutting ability for a laser diode engraver.
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