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      I have mostly been upgrading this machine slowly over the years to replace the wooden parts with plastic parts. Now after seeing some other ideas of the latest printers using more V-Slot, I decided to work on making this printer more sturdy. This should also cut out more vibration & make it less noisy. I am doing these upgrades in stages. I have already changed the front Y-axis endplate to use a 2020x250mm V-Slot with some plastic parts for connections to existing V-slot & Belt. I am currently in the process of changing the back plate to 2020x250mm V-slot with plastic connection parts. Both of these plates I had already converted them from wood to plastic so my dimensions for the new parts should work. I also started working on designing a V-slot frame to go around the whole machine to replace all the wood. I have some spare 2020, 2040 & 2060 V-slot & will design the structure with using these in mind. This build page will give me some better documentation of my updates.

      The front & back Endplate design changes should also work for the 8" & 12" i3v. You will just need to use a different length 2020 V-Slot. The front one will not be a critical length, but the back one will need to be. Not having either of those machines, I can not say what length they will need to be. After I publish the back plate parts, you should be able to print the Wood_Connect_Elec_Side.stl file & Wood_Connect_PS_Side.stl. Put them on the 2 wood side panels & measure the length. After looking at my reference info for the 8" & 12" i3v, I believe the lengths for those 2020 back endplate should be 196mm for the 8" i3v & 286.1mm for the 12" (286mm is probably good enough). I am not positive that is correct, but you could cut that length for the front & test fit it for the back. If it is not correct, you could use that one for the front, then cut the back one based on your measurement corrections.

      After putting on the new backplate with 2020, it looked the y-axis belt was going to scrape the wood center section, so I have temporarily changed the front plate to shim the front belt idler part up a little to clear it. Not sure I can really raise the motor any, but should be able to fix the problem another way if I can not.

      Here are some before & after photos. of the front & back plate also showing the wood and all plastic versions before this change.
      IMG_9115_800x600.jpg IMG_9117_800x600.jpg IMG_9046_800x600.jpg IMG_9075_800x600.jpg
      Here is my solution to keep the bottom of the Y belt from rubbing the wood that is shown in that last photo. This will make the belt rid on the smooth idler pulley instead of the scraping the wood. I may move the motor up 1 or 2mm, but it is at the same height as the original design.

      After several hours of test prints I am fairly happy with this update. I added the STL files to Files tab and all the files can be found on thingiverse at: Front & Back Y-Axis Endplate using V-Slot 2020 for Makerfarm 10" i3v by GeoDave . I also added the main parts needed to the parts list, but it is not a complete list since I need to research the other parts I have used. All the parts should be listed on the thingiverse web page. I am still getting some waves or ringing in my prints. The photo of sample print is oriented that the face of screw holes is along the X-axis. I get a little less waves if oriented 90 degrees. I have not found the magic solution to this yet. Here are some update photos.
      IMG_9124_800x600.jpg IMG_9125_800x600.jpg IMG_9127_800x600.jpg IMG_9129_800x600.jpg IMG_9133_800x600.jpg

      See Discussion tab for more details.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

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    To make printer more sturdy.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    2 V-Slot 2020 Linear Rail https://openbuildspartstore.com/v-slot-20x20-linear-rail/ Link For 8" or 10" i3v, use 2x250mm lengths, for 12" you will need 2x 500mm lengths (8" & 12" will need to be Cut)
    1 Smooth Idler Pulley Kit https://openbuildspartstore.com/smooth-idler-pulley-kit/ Link This is what I used, but you could use something different if you modify design part
    2 Tee Nuts - M5 (10 Pack) https://openbuildspartstore.com/tee-nuts-m5-10-pack/ Link I used 16 of these in Stainless that I had on hand (7 in the Front & 9 in the Back)
    2 M5x10mm screws (10 Pack) https://openbuildspartstore.com/low-profile-screws-m5-10-... Link I used 6 in the front & 6 in the back to connect plastic parts to top of 2020
    1 M5x8mm screws (10 pack) https://openbuildspartstore.com/low-profile-screws-m5-10-... Link 2 for front end caps & 2 for the back wood connect mounts into ends of 2020
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