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      Edit: Build has begun, See discussion thread for current updates. :)

      This build is about 80% ready to go there are still a few things I may change!

      I am still learning and make mistakes. As such if you find any Missing parts / Fitment Issues / Wrong dimensions / Poor aesthetics / ect. Just let me know, I would be happy to try my best and fix them..

      Please see included file for measurements and parts needed. I tried to make the file complete as possible, How ever I did leave out some obvious things like bolts nuts ect. to help make the file smaller.

      My plan is for aluminum plate, However I also kept each part under 8" ( other then heat bed mount plate ) with no overhangs and drawn as a solid, in case one wanted to print the plates instead of having them cut out.

      The Current hot end setup I have on the model is from the lautr3k build. It is not of my design.
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