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      This is a working prototype, not a solid design, but it works very well, and is capable of placing reliably 0402 and 0.4mm pitch BGA components. Building the machine would almost certainly require adjusting the shapes of some of the 3D printed elements.

      Machine in action

      Example of capabilities

      Approximate build steps:

      1. Build Acro XY frame. Attach drag chains on both sides.
      2. Connect power, Smoothieboard, test XY movement.
      3. Make three holes in MDF board: one in the middle for bottom vision, two in the back for cables.
      4. 3D print Z-axis box, cable vertical holder, cable hole holder, end stops.
      5. Attach end stops, connect to Smoothieware, test XY homing.
      6. Cut Z-axis lead screw to proper length.
      7. Assemble Z-axis box, connect, test Z movement.
      8. Attach flyback diodes to vacuum pump and two valves.
      9. Connect vacuum pump, valves, to Smoothieboard, test switching.
      10. Run vacuum tubing to Z-axis box.
      11. Attach rotating coupler to vacuum tube and Nema 8 motor.
      12. Glue 5mm coupler to nozzle holder using epoxy glue (pre-drill the holder if needed).
      13. Attach 5mm coupler with nozzle to the other side of the motor.
      14. Attach motor with nozzle to the Z-axis carriage.
      15. Test pick and placing action using manual G-code commands.
      16. 3D print bottom camera holder, upper camera holder, nozzle holder box, and Z-probe.
      17. Attach bottom vision camera to bottom camera holder.
      18. Attach 2x4 beams to the bottom of MDF board.
      19. Pre-install bottom vision camera, glue 60mm LED ring on top.
      20. Connect LED ring and test light intensity with G-code commands.
      21. Attach XY frame to MDF board.
      22. Attach upper vision camera to the camera holder.
      23. Attach 40mm LED ring to the camera (epoxy glue?).
      24. Pre-attach upper camera holder to Z-axis box.
      25. Align both cameras with XY frame, do final attachment.
      26. Install nozzle holder box and Z-probe.
      27. 3D print tape holders, attach to the board.
      28. Configure software (OpenPnP highly recommended) with proper values for camera offsets, etc.

      CAD files available here.

      IMG_20180509_194906.jpg IMG_20180509_194922.jpg IMG_20180509_194932.jpg IMG_20180509_194945.jpg IMG_20180509_195023.jpg IMG_20180509_195041.jpg IMG_20180509_202244 (1).jpg IMG_20180509_210433.jpg IMG_20180509_211752.jpg
      1. Special Notes

        The original Z-axis box supports a holder for typical USB microscope camera. I used one originally, but the results were not great, so the new USB camera module gets attached together with a separate holder. The Z-axis box in current version might need some cutting (with hot knife) at the top, depending on the construction of the pick up head.
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    Build License:
    • Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

    Inspired by

    OpenPnP, LitePlacer
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