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      The ACRO frame is unmodified from the stock 1010 kit that can be purchased in the Openbuilds part store.
      My custom Z-axis will be the main focus of the build as it was inspired by and adapted from one of the designs in Mark Carew's Sketchup file that is attached to the Openbuilds NEMA 17 leadscrew linear actuator build page, but has been modified for my purposes.

      I got the final part in and installed. I did some testing and have done a couple of small projects. Having the z-axis makes getting the focus correct much easier for me. I still need to try having it step in between passes when cutting to see how much difference it will make.

      I'm going to mark the build as complete, but if you are like me, a build is never truly complete...

      I like pictures, and not so much words... If you have any questions feel free to ask...

      I started with a 500mm 2040 v-slot rail, and cut it approximately in half.
      20210328_232230322_iOS.jpg 20210328_232609426_iOS.jpg

      I mounted one half at the height I wanted and took measurements to get the final length I wanted for both of the pieces. My mounting piece is about 10" long and the sliding piece is about 6" long.

      Getting all the parts ready for assembly. I purchased the shortest lead screw in the openbuilds parts store, and cut it down to about 6.5 inches for this build.
      20210329_002913336_iOS.jpg 20210329_004132390_iOS.jpg

      At first I tried to mount the v-slot directly to the ACRO x carriage plate, but I ended up running into clearance issues.
      20210329_004139913_iOS.jpg 20210329_033046378_iOS.jpg 20210329_033051799_iOS.jpg 20210329_033106860_iOS.jpg 20210329_033115416_iOS.jpg 20210329_033121637_iOS.jpg 20210330_221108764_iOS.jpg 20210330_221703169_iOS.jpg 20210330_221708523_iOS.jpg 20210330_221714544_iOS.jpg

      To fix the clearance issues I repurposed the acrylic spacers that go between the 2 plates for the original height adjustment setup. The 6mm thickness provided by the acrylic was more than adequate to eliminate any issues.

      I have it on the table, and almost ready to go, but I'm waiting for another motor wire adapter to be delivered. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    To have the ability to adjust the height of my laser for focusing and cutting, and because I couldn't find others I liked and was capable of doing.

    Inspired by

    Mark Carew's NEMA 17 lead screw linear actuator designs in his sketchup file attached to that build.
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