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      I'm a medical ultrasound acoustics engineer. Measuring the transmitted acoustic field from an ultrasound transducer in 3D is essential to optimizing image formation. 3 years ago I built the system in the photo using 3 precision optical linear translators + controller, all of which cost ~$20K. I now want to build one I can use at home, but can't afford the $20K. So it's not really a CNC machine, but it has all the same components except the router. I'll replace that with a hydrophone, a tiny high frequency waterproof microphone. I will also need to add legs to place it above a water tank.
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        Can somebody tell me how to add the Sphinx 55 parts list into my build so I can edit it? I need to make a few changes but I want to start from there and don't want to hand enter the whole thing. Thank you.
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