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      This machine was inspired by openbuilds desings, with a short budget and less posibilita of find some materiales here in argentina, for example the c-beam profile.

      Total size: 710mm (long), 800mm (width) and 370mm (height).
      Work area: 520mm (long), 520mm (width) and 60mm (height).


      The CNC has a base made with 2020 profile under a 18mm MDF table and guides made with 2040 v-slot perfiles (there aré two joined 2040 perfiles in the x axis)

      The first versión will have plastic (APM) plates and the idea is that the next one will have aluminum plates.


      I used NEMA 17 motor to move X and Y axis with medium torque, 6mm timing belts and 20 tooth pulleys. Also i used a NEMA 17 motor to move Z axis and 8m lead screw


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    I have been reading for 3 years about CNC milling, laser, plasma, etc... And I became fanatic of diy CNC systems using arduino+grbl electronics
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