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      So, as you can see from the photo, I have constructed the main bed for my cnc machine.
      This started off as a routy cnc, I got the kit and had a good think about things, I figured if I was to be productive then I should try to build something that would take a full 8x4 sheet.

      I have cut a sheet of 25 mm mdf (3m x1500) as my spoil board, the intention being that I router out a pocket of maybe 10mm to allow an 8x4 sheet to sit inside it, I am also going to install some spiked tee prongs to bolt down too.

      Since building this I noticed Robocutters have produced their own 8x4 machine, it looks very cool but unsure if it can cut a full sheet without wasting the extremes of the sheet.
      Might be worth asking the question if you are going to buy one.

      You can of course use your initiative and order the rails and bolts, plates etc and come up with your own design as I have.

      I used 20x60 and 20x80 for the main subframe, all connected using open build plates, bolts and fixings.
      One thing I did find was I had not compensated for the distance the plates create on the length of the X axis, I currently loose about 80mm so still can't do a full sheet yet!!! Doh.

      I intend to get round this by installing Ox plates on the Y axis to compensate for this, I have over 2600mm on my Y so I know I have the clearance within the width of the plates to still allow 2400mm cutting area, by using the plates on the Y axis I gain the extra length I need on the X axis and also means I can attach my nema 23's a lot easier, as the ox plates have direct fixing positions to take them.

      Still unsure if the X axis Ox plates will give me the length I need, I may end up having to cut the plates down in width to give me the clearance I require or staying with the maker plates I got with my routy.

      It has been an amazing learning curve and am still not quite where I want to be, lots of tweaking and fine tuning to do.

      I have it running with nema17s but have been told these will not provide enough torque to cut through any material.
      Although I have cut a few pockets on waste pieces of mdf using the nema 17s and am not far off with precision. No greater feeling of accomplishment than getting it partially right.

      By the by, I have nema 23s already to go on, I need another section of v slot for the x axis to strengthen it up and minimise back lash.

      Cable management has now been sorted and ready to be installed.

      Update to the cable management;

      Make sure you leave enough room to allow the cable management system to run parallel to the gantry, I had to strip my huge 25mm spoil board off today to give me the room I need. By God it is heavy.

      So much further on now. Have finished my build and recently upgraded my Z axis to a C beam, man it is so much more rigid than my original design. I would now like to put rack and pinion instead of Gt2 timing belts as they slip often, but am at a loss as to how to fit it into my system. Does anyone have any ideas to help me on my way please.
      1. Special Notes

        Ox plates ordered, now looking for rack and pinion to make this little baby purrrr, does anyone have any ideas for a UK supplier.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I built this so I could start producing my own designs to supply to my very crafty wife.

    Inspired by

    Ox, open builds, the end for endless hours of fun
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